Komizzle distributes “DOPE ADDICTED” online..

dope addicted new singlekomizzle


The new single called DOPE ADDICTED is available on the #MANEFACTOR 2 : NOw or Never,   album


DOPE ADDICTED is that lyrical substance that is often distributed by this dope MC, Komizzle is back kicking that fire flow that has been sparking flames since day one. A avid hip hop artist, Komane pays homage to some of that old school drum kicks and riffs from the Run DMC era, with the R. Young produced track. And with lyrics that mimick NWA style cadences and bass lines, this is an original masterpiece that has a 1990’s feel with a new age twist that keeps the spitter relevant to this day and time.

Visit the site to preview the song or go to other websites like TIDAL, SPOTIFY, or AMAZON and search for songs by Komane also known as Komizzle.


“Komizzle sounds like a young Eazy-E, and Currensy mash-up”                                                    -HIP HOP WEEKLY


“Like it or not, this artist is gonna make you vibe to his catchy verses and dope hooks”                                             – Daily Tunes


(NEW ALBUM from KOMIZZLE coming FALL 2018)

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